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Hazeis a documentary visual chronicle about the fragility and, at the same time, the wholeness of life. Bruma observes and contemplates the human condition and the different ways of existing through the metaphorical space of the sea, the fishing cycle and the human beings who survive from this ancestral relationship.

filmed in
El Nuro, Piura
Santa Rosa, Lambayeque

Director: Jose Balado Diaz
Production: Gabriela Urco Canales
Assistant director: Nataniel Furgang Male
Director of Photography and Camera 1: Nicolás Landa Tami
Camera 2: Felipe Jean-Mairet Morales Macedo
Direct Sound: David Acevedo Rosell

Publisher: Carlos Cárdenas Aguilar (Mexico)
Music: Phil One
Sound design: José Balado Díaz

Audio post-production: Carlos Cuya Torres
Colorist: Olivia Luengas Magaña (Phonocular- Mexico)
Data Manager: Kathya Romero Prieto
Production assistant: Fernanda Pozo Acuña

Still photography: Asier Peña Saiz
Graphic design: Muriel Olguin
Field producer in El Ñuro: Alberto Jacinto Ruiz
Field producer in Santa Rosa: Willi Paul Leyton Ñiquen

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Virgilio Zapata Festivities
Francisco Paiva Parties
Alberto Jacinto Ruiz
Johnny Juarez Giron
Bernardino Panta Chunga

The film is in the post-production stage and its release is scheduled for the end of 2019 and the beginning of 2020.

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