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DOCUPERU, through its long years of work, has also been a training space for its members. Many creative endeavours have started from projects worked and motivated by integral trips and interconnections with several communities.


For this reason, Docuperu is currently also a production house that is different from other commercial producers in relation with methodology, spirit and work logic. We provide internal and external services, which offers to produce a variety of audiovisual communication products.


DOCUPERU makes available services to organizations and national or international entities that wish to put to use our participatory methodology to obtain results, products or necessary dynamics inside their work and pursuits. It is vital to create documentaries or communicative products that express and can translate ideas, points of view and concrete results. We consider necessary to use an audiovisual language to visualize related projects and induce dynamics of integration and self-representation.

E.O.D., Lima.
E.O.D., Lima
EOD 2018

· INTERNAl production

After years of growth, circulation and persistence creating an alternative documentary space, DOCUPERU has given itself the task of starting to produce internal projects that can be exposed in commercial and non-commercial circuits and exhibitions at a national and international level. DOCUPERU currently has several personal and internal projects in different stages of production.


We provide audiovisual production services, project development and communication campaigns tailored to the client and the objectives of each project. We also offer personalized consultancies to documentary projects at any stage of production.

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Good News: El Coro de Góspel de la Universidad de Howard visita el Perú

Good News: El Coro de Góspel de la Universidad de Howard visita el Perú

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Como las mariposas

Como las mariposas

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Tierra Esperanza

Tierra Esperanza

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