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Incidence AND Social intervention

After years of work and association with various communities, we have reached the conclusion that it is necessary to generate projects and documentary products with a different purpose from the traditional ones, which allow us to position ourselves and face the neoliberal policies and the new world order. that rule us.

We assume the political responsibility that our ending products are relevant to the visible and invisible reality of our territories and it's our main goal that our products come from a relevant judgment and of media activism interest.

Villa el Salvador, Lima.
Comas, Lima.
Pamplona alta, Lima.
Santa Rosa, Lambayeque.

· Media that moves - meDIA

  THAT MOVES (2009)

Media that moves - Media that moves is a project for the production of communication content, in different formats (video, photography, radio, fanzine, mural painting and plastic arts) , that aim to generate documentary products for campaigns and action strategies on social, political, human rights and gender issues that are not visible in traditional media. So far, we have worked with communities affected by forced sterilization, forced eviction, State violence, State abandonment at different levels, pollution and environment problems.

· caravana documental -


In a country where traditional media and the majority of audiovisual production are targeted to sectors that respond to economic and social interests, the result are that the
cultural and human aspects of issues remain invisible. Rural farmer organizations, community based organizations, women’s organizations, cultural stories and ancestral practices are some of the topics that we want to recover and give voice to, at Docuperu. We assume memory, subjectivity and daily life activities as the main components of every narrative.


Caravana Documental - Documentary Caravan, is then a traveling decentralized route of
communication and content production in a participatory / collaborative way that allows us to fulfill this objective. We use an experiential methodology that seeks, through the use of different media supports (video, photo, radio, fanzine, mural and more), the empowerment and self-representation of the communities in their territories.

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Wiñaypaq Kausachun

Wiñaypaq Kausachun

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Mujeres Isla

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