North Coast Documentary Caravan 2019 made its route through Puerto Pizarro (Tumbes), El Ñuro (Piura), Santa Rosa (Lambayeque) and Trujillo (La Libertad) during a month of travel. In these communities, video, photography, sound, fanzine, mural and music workshops were given. As a result of these workshops, we obtained 16 participatory documentaries, more than 20 photo essays, 4 murals, 1 fanzine, 4 musical pieces and 1 music video. This project was carried out with the collaboration of the Humboldt Forum (Berlin, Germany), and with the support of various local partners, grassroots associations and organizations in the region.


Documentary Caravan is one of the projects in the area of social activism of DOCUPERU, which consists of an itinerant route through different territories, in which the DOCUPERU team lives with the communities and conducts documentary, photography, radio, drawing and mural workshops, among others. The aim is to articulate these communities and collect a mapping through artistic languages ​​of the conditions and problems in which they are found, always from a human and subjective perspective. It uses an experiential methodology that seeks the empowerment and self-representation of the communities in their territories. All projects generated during the week are the result of participatory practices, where fusion has been generated between individual and collective perspectives, found in each community.

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